Saturday 4 June 2016

Filipino Senior Citizens of Alberta at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The Filipino Senior Citizens Association is one of the featured performers at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Filipino Senior Citizens Association (FSCA) of Edmonton, Alberta was founded in 1982,  with the prime objectives to encourage Filipino seniors to help and support one another, enjoy each other’s company and friendship, and maintain goodwill and togetherness among themselves.
Today, FSCA is a  vibrant society with more than 200 active membership.  With the strong and competent leadership of its President, Joyce Dizon and the sterling attributes  of all the other officers, who go above and beyond their roles and responsibilities,  they forge forward to carry on  the objectives.  They meet every Sunday and enjoy singing, dancing, fellowship and camaraderie.  Special occasions like monthly birthday parties, Mother's Day, Flores de Mayo and many others are celebrated with  gusto.  To further enhance the life and well-being of its members, they take educational and cultural tours, engage in other social activities  outside of their weekly get-together.  They do fundraising events to defray the cost of the activities.
Kudos and laurels to its officers and members from its inception to the present for a job well done.  FSCA  continues to be vibrant and active  in the new millennium, with new youthful faces and energy keeping the senior spirit alive.  "Life is a gift - we enjoy it, we treasure it and live it. Long live, Mabuhay, FSCA !"

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