Friday 16 December 2016

Arts in a Business Model

The Panciteria de Manila in downtown Edmonton has evolved through the years, from its opening in 2012, from a family run eatery on popular Filipino foods, to a Filipino hang out, and incubator of emerging and suppressed talent. Owned and operated by Bayani Alcantara, together with wife Lorena, they have, wittingly or unwittingly, woven art in a successful business model.

I initially regarded Panciteria de Manila as another one of the sprouting Filipino restaurants in the city, eager to brand it based on which Filipino food/s it would stand out against the others. However, while organizing the entertainment program for last June’s Edmonton Filipino Fiesta, I noticed that there was a circle of performers whose common denominator was the Panciteria de Manila, and Bayani Alcantara. This then made me very curious and eventually impressed with the ongoings at this hive of a place and the person behind this concept. 

Bayani Alcantara hails from V. Luna, Quezon City, studied at the University of the
Philippines and worked at St. Luke’s as a cardiovascular technician. His family arrived in Edmonton in April 2002. Like other immigrant stories, he took on an assortment of jobs in Edmonton all the way up to Fort McMurray. He has a passion for youth causes, so it’s not surprising that the restaurant has become a vehicle for this - to detract them from vices, to develop a sense of belonging in the restaurant’s circle of customers and performers, at the same time providing an opportunity to demonstrate and hone their talents. He also sits as Director for the Clairview Multicultural Centre, under the auspices of the City of Edmonton. 

Belonging to a family in the restaurant business, Bayani conceptualized Panciteria as a fast food type of restaurant (place your order in the counter, no servers type) with an area for karaoke, considered the Filipinos’ favorite past time. Gradually, customers would request for extended time to sing, then a scheduled performance, and later on, suggestions for technical equipment and stage set-up. These would normally be people who belonged in bands and were performers in the Philippines and are wanting to find an outlet for their talents here in Edmonton. Bayani would readily accommodate these requests, eager to nurture and improve their shows. The restaurant now hosts a weekly karaoke and live band night, produces special shows, and functions as a performing venue for veteran performers, and training ground for emerging ones.The acts were no longer confined to karaoke but broadened to acoustic music, improv-comedy, open mic and poetry nights (“Hugot Lines”), bands, variety shows/musicals, art exhibits and fundraisers. 

These opportunities have not only given growth to the individual performers but have also fostered collaborations amongst them. Through his connections with the Clairview Multicultural Centre, he has provided performing engagements for his in-house artists. He dreams that the artists he has been instrumental in developing will find viable careers and gain renown in their chosen fields. 

Some of the products of this performers’ incubator and who have continued to earn engagements elsewhere and developed a following are: The Girls of Crazy Sexy Cool; Sooner Band; Escapo; Dos Diablos; Genghis Rex; Stringed Sessions; Kainos; Diversity; Headcakes; and hosts Ode Mamu, Kriss Diva, Donna M., Emjae, Nelly, Bhelle, Kim JD and TJ. The Panciteria has also featured Enoch Attey, Jamaican singer and guitarist and Music Coordinator of iHuman Society, who was a regular customer, and other Canadian artists of country music, thereby increasing the restaurant’s customer base. 

During his student years, Bayani used to hang out in this folk/pub house where the likes of Lolita Carbon, Heber Bartolome and Noel Cabangon used to play. It is sweet that he has come full circle now, having hosted shows by Lolita and Heber this year at Panciteria. Other produced shows include: Bamboo (2014), Parokya ni Edgar, Ely Buendia (2015) and Klowns Komedy Bar (2016). 

Although the support provided to these performers stemmed from his passion for youth causes, it has generated more income for the business - emphasizing the symbiosis of arts and financial sustainability. The in-house shows have been a vehicle to reinvent the restaurant. This is a model where one aspect of the business markets the other. 

Filipinos normally don’t bond together easily but they bond together through food, drinking, singing. It is not uncommon to have people in different tables, strangers to each other, end up connecting their tables and becoming fast friends. Panciteria revives the atmosphere of a town plaza/square where people commune, congregate to celebrate. A percentage of Filipinos come to the restaurant to celebrate their Canadian citizenship after their oath taking ceremony at the Service Canada a couple of blocks away. It has also been a place where romance has blossomed and a subsequent wedding celebrated. 

Panciteria de Manila has evolved in a way that not even Bayani has envisioned. But this evolution has been organic, stemming from the man’s passion for youth development, and a basic desire to relive what he misses in his life back in the Philippines. He performs the roles of entreprenuer, talent developer, promoter and booker with a humble and cheerful disposition. In Bayani, I found a kindred spirit in aspiring to elevate the profile of the Filipino within a multi-cultural society, and the honing and showcasing of Filipino talent. Kudos to the man who is indeed living up to his name of being a hero and a champion to so many he has helped and is supporting in his endeavours!  

* This article was published in the Alberta Filipino Journal December 2016 issue.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Filipino Voice for the Airwaves

The Akash Broadcasting panel

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)  released  a call for applications  for an ethnic radio station in Edmonton. Edmonton’s population growth over the past two years has outpaced that of Alberta as a whole, and was over three times that of the current estimates of growth for Canada. The largest groups of immigrants come from the Philippines and India. Alberta Employment and Immigration found there were over 130 languages identified by new immigrants destined to the province as their mother tongue with English, Tagalog, Punjabi, Mandarin, and Spanish consistently in the top five languages. With currently only  one radio  station  for the ethnic communities, 101.7 World FM, the need for at least another ethnic radio station was evident.

I  was approached  to be a part of the panel for the application for a license by Akash Broadcasting, based in BC. This was my first foray into the world of radio broadcast, not counting the few projects I did as part of my Theatre Arts Bachelor’s degree at the University of the Philippines. Needless to say, the whole experience was fascinating to me. The amount of work and resources required for an application alone, is staggering. There’s the engineering survey, the market research, financial feasibility, audience demographics, programming options, to name a few, that needs thorough research. And then comes the most crucial phase of the application, which I was involved in, the hearings with the Commission.

My commitment involved four intense days of preparation and the actual hearing day, with a very dynamic and committed group representing different sectors of the community: Tejinderpaul Singh - well-known broadcaster with Shaw Multicultural Channel, performing artist, teacher, and volunteer; Herkiranjeet Kaur Mann - entrepreneur; Marco Luciano - advocate of migrant rights; Nav Kaur - educator and equity advocate; Simrat Cheema - radio and television broadcaster; Satnam Rai - financial advisor; Kanak Chamarty and Julie Zhang - journalists; Jagdeep Sandhu - telecom engineer, talk show host and DJ; Stephen Zolf - legal counsel; Andrew Forsyth - broadcast consultant; Kerry Pelser - consulting engineer; and Rita Cugini - adviser. The five-day stint we shared was marked with enriching, diverse dialogue, validated and challenged perspectives, and initiated relationships. We shared our vision and desires for an ethnic radio station, immigrant stories, employment issues, child rearing practices, educational philosophies, ways of life, entertainment preferences, and humour. In all these interaction, I kept in mind that I was there primarily as a Filipino and an artist.

There were a total of 11 applications for this call. The hearing for all applicants went for four whole days, sometimes stretching to the evening. The whole process allowed for inquiries and rebuttals from Commissioners, other applicants, supporters and opposers of an applicant.

The applications had commonalities in their objective - to complement, and not compete, with the existing ethnic radio station, in offering extended programming for underserved communities mainly in the languages of Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. For programming dedicated to the Filipino community, 101.7 World FM currently allots 3-4 hours one day a week.  

It does not need to be emphasized that another ethnic radio station in Edmonton will only benefit the Filipino community. As an artist, I see this as a bonus opportunity to develop and promote works of Filipino artists, and open up avenues of collaboration with other cultural groups. As a Filipino, this is a way to build a community with other Filipinos in this country and to reflect on our culture in a global framework. As a Canadian, this is a platform that stresses the importance of, and regard towards diversity, and honouring each other’s cultural perspective. So regardless of which applicant is granted the license, regardless of whether we have supported an applicant or not, the Filipino community should rally to support and patronize whoever is granted a license to operate this ethnic radio station.  Because as succinctly articulated by Thomas Berry, “Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation, the first beginning of the differentiation of a thing and of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.” Let our voices be heard.

This article was published in the Alberta Filipino Journal November 2016 issue.

Sunday 17 July 2016

Dancing in the Park 2016

When you live in a place marked by harsh winters and freezing temperatures, you maximize the outdoor time nature provides you with sunny +20 weather. Yesterday was such a day when we decided to stroll around the Farmer's Market at South Common, the Street Performers Festival at the Churchill Square and the Dancing in the Park at the Alberta Legislative grounds.

Dancing in the Park was a roving performance of five groups - Read Fenton and Happy Hep Cats, Hit that Jive Dance Crew; Tia Kushniruk, Katherine Semchuk (and another girl whose name I missed); CRIPSiE (Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton); and Toy Guns Dance Theatre, lead by Artistic Director Jake Hastey. The evening ended with a swing dance lesson and party by Let's Swing Dance.

The reason we went to Dancing in the Park was to see Katherine Semchuk perform again. We were so impressed with her technique, musicality and movement sensibility at the Feats Festival of Dance last July 8, which we watched due to our son's performance with Synaethesis Dance Theatre. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Katherine was one of the dancers we gave master classes to at Victoria School of Performing Arts, and in Jojo's choreography "Women in Waiting". Amazing dancer.

It was wonderful to see CRIPSiE once again. The first time I saw them was in an Orchesis show at the University of Alberta. I was so moved that I joined them in a movement class at the Glenrose.

Toy Guns Dance Theatre was an absolute delight. It's a pity that it took us a while to know of this group. Easily rectifiable, their next show is at the Fringe. From the title alone, "Watching Netflix at 3am Questioning Your Mortality" you get a sense that you will witness tongue in cheek humour. But you get more - strong and eloquent dancing, clever choreographic counterpoints, movements and musicality that felt Pina Bausch-y. And yes, we found out after the show that he did follow the Pina Bausch company like a groupie (in a good way). Good to know too that there's a little bit of history with choreographer/artistic director Jake Hastey, as our paths have crossed at some point with the Edmonton School of Ballet and Dance Unlimited connections. As mentioned previously, do catch the Toy Guns Dance Theatre's performances at the Fringe Festival. They are so inspiring that I even verbalized the idea of taking their class. Well, let's see how my body and courage will hold up to that.

Needless to say, our foray into outdoor performances yesterday made for one exhilarating experience.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Karilagan Dance Society at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The Karilagan Dance Society is one of the featured performers at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Karilagan Dance Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is composed of Filipino-Canadians who aim to promote and live the Filipino culture and heritage through dances, songs and culture. This group has been travelling, performing and competing in and out of the country taking home major prizes.

For the Fiesta, they will be performing:

Bumaya - Is an Ifugao dance of thanksgiving to their God for a bountiful harvest. The movements of this dance mimic those of a rooster scratching the ground.

Binasuan - Means with the use of a drinking glass. The dancers display good balance, graceful movements, and unusual skills. They dance with three glasses half-full of water, one on their heads and one each in the palm of their hands as they execute continuous fast turns, sitting and rolling on the floor.

Binuyugan - A dance that portrays women fetching water from the well.

Tinikling - Known as the bamboo dance, the national dance of the Philippines. It is a dance imitating the movements of “tikling” birds as they play and chase each other. The dancers show their skills, endurance and grace as they hop and leap between two bamboo poles that are clicked together in time with the music.

Paunjalay - From the island of Mindanao, here is a tribal dance called “Paunjalay” that is traditionally performed by the bride and groom prior to their wedding.

Singkil - A dance of Muslim royalty, to the rhythmic clapping of bamboo poles, the dancers weave expertly through crisscrossed bamboo poles in solemn faces and maintaining a dignified pose dancing at a slow pace as it progresses to a faster tempo.

D'9 Zero Crew at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The D'9 Zero Crew is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The D’9 Zero Crew was formed in October 2015. They are a group of 4 millennials who were teenagers during the 90’s in the Philippines. That’s what the “9 Zero” stands for, the decade of the 90’s. They didn’t know each other then in the Philippines, and just met each other through friends here in Edmonton. They discovered that they all have the same passion, dancing.They all had their own dance crew back then. They claim “We may be old now, don’t have the same body built and can’t perform as energetic as we were before, but our passion for dancing is still burning inside.”

Couples in Harmony at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Couples in Harmony is one of the featured performers at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Couples in Harmony was formed in October of 2008. Inspired during the worship in their household prayer meeting, they sang beautifully and spirit-filled. Since then came the birth of the choir serving different parishes and has welcomed other members who share the same passion in music and serving the church. 

Saturday 4 June 2016

Emma and Sharmaine Pagtakhan at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Emma and Sharmaine Pagtakhan are featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Emma and  Sharmaine Pagtakhan are sisters who love to sing and dance.  Emma is 16 years old and  Sharmaine is 14. They have been singing ever since they were little. They have been opening acts for several Filipino concerts and celebrities including Be Careful with My Heart World Tour, Got 2 Believe, and  Pinoy Champs. They have competed and won several awards at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Northern Star Talent Search at K Days, and Futuresfest at Visionary College. They are also occasionally invited to sing at birthdays and weddings. 

Jimmy Buena at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Jimmy Buena is one of the featured performers at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Jimmy Buena is a nunior high teacher at Sister Annata Brockman Catholic School. He teaches Math, Science and Filipino Language at the said school. With regards to his singing accomplishments, he started singing when he was 10 years old and has been joining different singing competitions and concert front acts (Darren Espanto, Sam Milby, Angeline Quinto, Jovit Baldovino, the cast of Be Careful with my Heart, Randy Santiago, Gino Padilla and many more) since then. As for contest awards, he has placed 2nd in the Tanghalan ng Kampeon Bulilit portion in 1990, 2010 Pinoy Singing Sensation 3rd placer, 2014 Edmonton's PNT Idol Champion, 2011 FSGC Singing Idol Champion and 2013 Calgary Singing sensation Champion. This July 7-18, 2016, he will be one of the representatives of Team Canada for the World Championship of Performing Arts under the Senior Vocal category in Long Beach, California where more than 50 countries will be participating.

Filipino Senior Citizens of Alberta at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The Filipino Senior Citizens Association is one of the featured performers at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Filipino Senior Citizens Association (FSCA) of Edmonton, Alberta was founded in 1982,  with the prime objectives to encourage Filipino seniors to help and support one another, enjoy each other’s company and friendship, and maintain goodwill and togetherness among themselves.
Today, FSCA is a  vibrant society with more than 200 active membership.  With the strong and competent leadership of its President, Joyce Dizon and the sterling attributes  of all the other officers, who go above and beyond their roles and responsibilities,  they forge forward to carry on  the objectives.  They meet every Sunday and enjoy singing, dancing, fellowship and camaraderie.  Special occasions like monthly birthday parties, Mother's Day, Flores de Mayo and many others are celebrated with  gusto.  To further enhance the life and well-being of its members, they take educational and cultural tours, engage in other social activities  outside of their weekly get-together.  They do fundraising events to defray the cost of the activities.
Kudos and laurels to its officers and members from its inception to the present for a job well done.  FSCA  continues to be vibrant and active  in the new millennium, with new youthful faces and energy keeping the senior spirit alive.  "Life is a gift - we enjoy it, we treasure it and live it. Long live, Mabuhay, FSCA !"

Saturday 28 May 2016

Angellica Rose Cruz at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Angellica Rose Cruz is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Angellica started singing when she was 3 years old. She joined several singing contest during her teen years. This includes winning 2nd place in Awitanghalan Grand Finals in 2000. She also recorded a Pangasinan song when she was in high school. She joined a Cultural Dance Group when she was in college and had a part time job as acoustic singer. After college she focused on her career working in a bank. Angel migrated in Canada in 2013. 

In 2014, she won 1st place in Lola Emma's Karaoke Singing Contest. In 2015, she won as the grand champion in Singing Star Search Edmonton. She was also one of the act singers during Showtime and Alden Richards Concert here in Edmonton.

Angel will be competing for the upcoming World Championship of Performing Arts in Long Beach California. She will be representing Canada in the solo vocal category.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Philippine Warrior Arts Society at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The Philippine Warrior Arts Society is one of the participants in the Philippine Festival Parade at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Philippine Warrior Arts Society was convened on July 6, 2012, for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting authentic and original Filipino martial arts systems. They strive to seek the truth in combative efficiency and ensure that the Filipino martial arts actually follow the principles of combat applicability that they are known for.
They are dedicated to helping all Filipino-origin combative styles, and are committed to ensuring high standards of quality and professional instruction among their membership.
Anyone wishing to join must be free of personal and martial baggage, and have an open mind and be willing to learn and improve their combative abilities.
Those interested can message Guro Ollie through Facebook, or call 587-708-2000.

Monday 23 May 2016

Young Morrie (Ralph Giralao) at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Young Morrie (Ralph Giralao) is one of the featured performers at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Among Ralph's achievements are:

  • Edmonton's only Young Morrie
  • Opening Act at Alden Richards' "The Bae Tour"
  • Drummer
  • Songwriter
  • Rapper
  • Singer
  • Produced by Juno-nominated, Western Canadian Music awardee, and Canadian Independent Music awardee, Mr. Sandro Dominelli
  • has two albums on iTunes:
    • Flight '11 - released on October 2015
    • Peripeteia - released on April 1, 2016

Sunday 22 May 2016

Timpuyog People's Club of Canada at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Timpuyog People's Club of Canada is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Timpuyog People's Club is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2008 which are joined by all Filipino individuals living in Canada regardless of sex, religion, occupation and ethnic diversity with the following objectives:

  1. To establish unity and camaraderie among members.
  2. To cultivate, understand and promote cultural diversity.
  3. To act as a support group to all members in need.

Saturday 21 May 2016

Koro Filipino at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Koro Filipino is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Well-known in the performing arts community as one of Edmonton's leading Filipino show choirs, Koro Filipino (formerly The Philippine Choral) actually started as a small church choir in 1991. Through their unique harmonies, they inspired many churchgoers with their uplifting spiritual hymns and mass songs. Their love for music and community service eventually widened their repertoire to include classic and contemporary Tagalog songs as well as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and even South African pieces.

Today, Koro Filipino boasts of 21 energetic singers eager to captivate and engage their audience with their signature showmanship. They have had numerous concerts all around the city including a sold-out performance at the Winspear Centre. They are often asked to perform at Filipino events, senior centres, and civic functions that showcase cultural talent. As well, they are sought after for weddings, anniversaries, and other private functions.

Although they have grown in number and reputation, Koro Filipino never forgot their roots as a church choir. They still sing regularly at Sunday masses at various parishes. And every Christmas, the make a special music ministry at the Simbang Gabi (Filipino Christmas Night Mass). Koro Filipino singers are truly perfect music ambassadors of Filipino-Canadian goodwill.

Thursday 19 May 2016

Kalinga Edmonton Association at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The Kalinga Edmonton Association is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Kalinga Edmonton Association is an organization composed of Kalinga people based in Canada as overseas Filipino workers and immigrants of this wonderful country.

The Province of Kalinga is a landlocked Province in the Cordillera Administrative Region, north of Luzon in the Philippines. United by our strong sense of tribal membership and filial loyalty, the Kalinga people are able to preserve their culture despite centuries of occupation by the Philippine conquerors in the history of their native land. Thus wherever they are, and whatever situation they are in, the resilience of Kalinga culture, bound by a deep regard of Filipino spirit live on.

Monday 16 May 2016

APRICITY at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

APRICITY is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

APRICITY is an Edmonton-based dance team founded in 2015. APRICITY consists of a group of people who have a passion for dance and are inspired by both Korean Pop and Western urban choreography. Their role models include the popular k-pop group, BTS, and the US-based dance team, Kinjaz.

The performers for the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta include: Catherine Sampaga, Donovan Tung, Mike Truong, Alina Qi, and Julia Sumbilla.

For more information on the group:

For more videos, check APRICITY Official in YouTube.

For more information on the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta:!edmonton-filipino-fiesta/nsgtp
Facebook: Edmonton Filipino Fiesta
Twitter: @yegpinoyfiesta
Instagram: @yegpinoyfiesta

Saturday 14 May 2016

Word UP at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Word UP is one of the featured performers in the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Word UP is a faith-based dance group, founded in September 2013. Word UP consists of a group of young people who strive to be a positive light in the community. Their mission is to encourage and serve others through dance by performing at various charity/church events and fundraisers. As of September 2015, Word UP also started participating in local dance competitions. This group is inspired by the Bible verse Colossians 3:17 "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

Class is held at the Kore Dance Studio every Tuesday night from 8:15-9:45 p.m.; open to ages 16+; come dance, fellowship and explore your faith with us! To register or for bookings, please contact Lindsay Pantoja at or 780-993-8229.

Edmonton Filipino Fiesta 2016

Everyone is invited to Sir Winston Churchill Square on June 11 and 12, 2016 to celebrate Edmonton's first Filipino

"Fiesta" means festival and they are a renowned tradition of the Philippines. Held in almost every town and province in honour of each locale's patron saint, these joyful and grand celebrations are at the heart of Filipino culture. The fiesta is also about thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest, the blessings of a full life, an observance of local rituals, and a commemoration of local milestones or significant events.

Typically, fiesta activities are held in churches, town plazas or town squares, and homes but often spill into the streets where people of all ages and walks of life take part in parades, processions, and other colourful activities. The celebrations always involve a feast of food and, of course, a lot of music and dancing!

"Edmonton is known as Festival City and well over 40,000 people of Filipino descent call Edmonton home so it seemed a natural fit that we finally celebrate a fiesta here," said Tony Santiago, one of the event organizers. "We are excited to host this fiesta and look forward to sharing our culture and traditions with everyone!"

Edmonton Filipino Fiesta
June 11 and 12, 2016
Churchill Square, Edmonton
Free admission. Donations for the Food Bank are most welcome.

Edmonton Filipino Fiesta will feature something for the entire family:

June 11, Saturday (12 noon to 10 p.m.): mini-parade, talent showcase and street dancing in the Square
June 12, Sunday (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.): Filipino outdoor mass, martial arts workshop, talent showcase
All weekend: bouncy castle, face painting, crafts and story time

A market place with food kiosks, exhibitors and vendors will also be onsite.

Facebook: Edmonton Filipino Fiesta
Twitter: @yegpinoyfiesta
Instagram: @yegpinoyfiesta