Thursday 26 May 2016

Philippine Warrior Arts Society at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

The Philippine Warrior Arts Society is one of the participants in the Philippine Festival Parade at the Edmonton Filipino Fiesta on June 11 and 12, 2016 at the Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Philippine Warrior Arts Society was convened on July 6, 2012, for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting authentic and original Filipino martial arts systems. They strive to seek the truth in combative efficiency and ensure that the Filipino martial arts actually follow the principles of combat applicability that they are known for.
They are dedicated to helping all Filipino-origin combative styles, and are committed to ensuring high standards of quality and professional instruction among their membership.
Anyone wishing to join must be free of personal and martial baggage, and have an open mind and be willing to learn and improve their combative abilities.
Those interested can message Guro Ollie through Facebook, or call 587-708-2000.

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